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Version 4.6

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Beta version released 12/29/06

E-claims: Table added to permanently record and track each electronic claim transaction (needed for Canada, but useful for everyone)

Canadian E-Claims: Significant progress has been made. Not done yet. See Canada.

Fee Schedules: Export function. Import function. Global update fees for all patients. Search and fix insurance plans with wrong fee schedules. Allow decreasing fees by a percentage. Compare three fee schedules while editing.

General Accounting: Automation of Retained Earnings, General Ledger Detail report, Acccounting Balance Sheet report.

Oracle: Built-in support for Oracle. (should be considered beta)

Update enhancements: The claim form and procedure codes can now be updated independently of the program itself.

ADA 2006 ClaimForm: This version is capable of importing and using the ADA 2006 claimform, although without a background. That download is freely available starting with 4.6.29. See Update. In order to include the background, we need to wait for a licensing agreement with the ADA. That download will cost approximately $22. As a stopgap measure, we can mail blank claimforms to offices as needed.

NPI: Included and functional with e-claims clearinghouses.

1500 Claimform: New medical claimform is supported, and a free update is available. It will be posted very soon.

Patient language field added.
It now asks before automatically applying part of a payment to other family members.
Multiple questionnaires allowed for each patient. Accessed from commlog.
Appointment search feature now includes searching by time also.
Right click to delete blockout.
Check numbers always show in Account module.
Right click to delete rows in Progress Notes.
Onscreen keyboard added in the select patient window for touchscreen users.
Select Patient window: Only one phone search field which looks at all phone numbers and ignores non-numbers.
Select Patient window hides deceased and archived patients by default.
Contact preferences tracked separately for recall, regular, and confirm. Integrated into various screens.
Allowed to edit patient info within recall detail window.
Confirmation list remembers last patient selected.
Can print recall list and confirmation list as displayed on screen.

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