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Version 4.5

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Production version released on 12/15/06

New business layer: Obsolete. See Version 6.6.

General Accounting: View by date range.

Procedure Notes: All procedure note history and revisions are now recorded automatically. Internally, no note can ever be changed or deleted, and no procedure can ever be deleted. But users won't even notice. Users are allowed to make any changes they want, including "editing" notes and "deleting" procedures, but all changes are permanently recorded. This makes is secure and easy to use. For this to work, when a user "deletes" a procedure, it actually just hides it. When a users "edits" a note, it keeps the old note, and just adds a new one. All history of changes can be viewed directly in the Chart module if needed.

Email Enhancements: Supports SMTP servers that require a user name and password for sending email. Allows saving email to send later. Email opens directly, without having to click through the commlog entry it's attached to.

Email Attachments: Attach multiple files of any kind to an email. Rename the files after attaching. Attached files stored for a permanent record.

Sign Procedure Notes:Electronic Signatures. Sign or initial procedure notes using a Topaz signature pad or by using a stylus on a touchscreen. We support the two following models of signature pads: T-S460-HSB and TL460-HSB. Other similar models will probably work as long as they are are HSB and 1x5.

Consent Forms: In the Images module, template images can be made available for import into any patient. Sign any image using a Topaz signature pad or by using a stylus on a touchscreen.

Ins Pending added to routing slip.
Show practice phone at top of TP printout.
TP graphics a little smaller now.
Age of children now displays months also.
Switzerland bank routing slip on bottom of statements.
Direct submission of e-claims to BCBS of Nebraska was verified.
Enhanced XDR bridge.
Overhauled the provider list window.
Show primary provider in the Family module and in the Select Patient window.

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