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Version 4.4

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Released on 9/29/06

Messaging: Overhaul of the old messaging functionality. Send a text message to a user or group. Look at the message history. Chain messages together (examples: Jill-Family-Line1, or Dr-Urgent-Op2). Record your own sounds. Unique sound for each recipient so you don't have to look up unless the message is for you. Acknowledge messages. Customize the light grid with text and colors. Setup a different light grid for each operatory. Show lights on icon in taskbar.

Rx Printing: Choose between more orientations and printing behavior.

Recall Improvements: View by date range instead of number of days. Sped up loading by using a single query. Recall cards can be grouped by family. Postcards can be shifted on the paper to accomodate printers. When printing recall cards, commlog entries are made automatically.

Database Maintenance Tool: Reworked interface to be single click. Generates a visual log of all checks and changes performed. Fixes things automatically. Many more types of checks and fixes added.

Dr Ceph bridge: Enhanced to work for new patients and to pass more information.
Added MediaDent bridge.
Added PerioPal bridge.
Anyone can check version, regardless of security level.
Option to delete all blockouts for one day.
Added patient.Ward field for hospitals.
Added hospitals to Easy Options.
schedule.ScheduleNum changed to a mediumint.
Daily progress note printout for hospitals which can be signed and put into a paper chart.
Show subscriber id on main screen of Family module.
Statements printed now display differently than bills sent.
Print function added to accounting screens.

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