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Version 4.1

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Production version released on 4/2/06

Insurance Plan Benefits: They were powerful, but also too complicated for beginners. The improvement is a completely new interface for entering benefits. The way they are stored in the database has not changed.

Find procedure window: Completely overhauled. Now, it's very easy to find any procedure.

Audit Trail : Added search/filter by patient, type, and user. Ability to print.

Procedure Buttons: Procedure buttons in Chart module can now be organized by category. You can add images to any procedure button.

The Plans for Family list is now gone off the main screen and is instead accessed via the toolbar when needed.
Changed the way fee schedules are loaded to increase speed.
Fee schedules in Definitions window now have three different types: Standard, Co-pay, and Allowed.
Added button in security window to add all permissions at once
Insurance check in alphabetical order for very large offices.
Statements now have an option to leave off the return address, and if patient is assigned to a clinic, then the return address now reflects that.
Chart number or patient number shows in titlebar optionally.
Age can show on appointment
Providers added to routing slip.

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