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Version 3.9

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Released on 1/20/06

Insurance Plans: Changed the way plans get attached to patients. Much more intuitive and powerful. Cleaner look. Less ways to make mistakes. Easier to select from existing plan list. Lots of improvements that users have been asking for.

Medical Insurance: Complete support, including procedure codes, cross coding, diagnostic codes, insurance plans, and electronic claims.

Backups: Feature rewritten because it was too hard to restore from a backup. It's faster now, too. Includes A-Z images folder.

Batch Billing: Include any accounts that have a procedure or ins payment since the last bill.

Import from XML: Open Dental can Import XML files which contain patient information. This allows other programs to safely pass information to Open Dental without having to worry about accidentally corrupting the database. This will eventually lead to the ability to 'send' a patient 'chart' to another office electronically. The main purpose for now is to allow new patients to fill out their forms online. The dental office would have to sign up separately for such a service.

Languages: allows a different set of translations for each country, even if same language.
Image properties: File size shows.
Bridge to DBSWin.
Added third option for default billing provider on claims.
Medical claim forms
Medical e-claims
Production summary can be hidden in Appt module.
Bridge to LightYear Speedvision
Bridge to DentX ProImage
Support for PostNTrack clearinghouse.
New VixWin bridge
Repeating Charges: For instance, the patient will be charged a certain amount each month by having a procedure added. Can be perpetual. Not the same as a payment plan. Probably not used by any dental office, but we needed it for billing our customers.

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