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Version 3.6

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Released on 7/21/05

Security: Centralized management, including user groups. Log on/log off. More permission options. Blocks backdated entries. User interface to audit trail.

New Grids : A brand new grid control has been designed which will be used throughout the program. It is first replacing the current grids used in the Account module. It looks very similar to the old grid, but it allows text wrap, has better scrolling, better memory management, no flicker, etc. The biggest improvement is the text wrap. Now, rows can have longer, more meaningful descriptions. This is making the Account module MUCH better organized.

Multiple Server Support: Useful for mobile vans, laptops in nursing homes, multi-clinic offices, etc. Works great even when a reliable network connection is not possible. Each remote location is a standalone server. When all the servers connect, they automatically synchronize. This is made possible by a combination of existing MySQL replication features in daisy chain loop as well as some enhancements to Open Dental to ensure unique primary keys and no conflict when merging the data.

Misc Features
Remove hyphen in zip+4 for e-claims.
Appointment rightclick, print card needs to go to postcard printer.
Text wrap and horizontal lines on statements.

Features not yet completed for this version:
Test resetting password.

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