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Version 3.5

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Version 3.5

Released on 6/22/05

Providers: Default and daily schedule for each provider instead of having to use notes.

Blockouts in Appointments module: Movable blocks of time that can be used for many things, such as reserving time for emergencies, optimizing daily production, notes, etc. They are better than notes because they can be repeating, and you can put appointments on top of them.

Tasks: User-definded lists that can be grouped into any number of categories and optionally assigned to any date. Any patient or appointment can be attached to a task. Any task can be repeating by day, week, or month. Can be used for daily check off lists, monthly check lists, tickler lists, private to do lists, or any other similar use. This could replace many of those sticky notes you have lying around.

Staff module renamed to Manage module. More functionality added.
Icons for the main modules replaced by fancier ones:

Backups: Built-in backup utility instead of having to use a separate program. It is simple at first and does not include backing up images, which you would still have to do separately if you use imaging. The backup can be done from any workstation rather than just the server. This makes it more convenient.

Patient Picture: Shows at the upper left of family module.

E-claims, X-12: Patient ID in addition to current subscriber ID. Support for preauths.

Dental Schools: Added following tables: Instructors, schoolclasses (eg. 2006 Dental, or 2005 Hygiene), schoolcourses (eg. OP 732 Operative Dentistry Clinic II). Appointment fields added: Instructor, Class, Course, and grade. Provider field added: Class

Trojan: Trojan is a program that provides insurance benefits information. Copy insurance address, etc from Trojan database.

Patient Import: Useful for conversions from other software. Not for beginners.

ImageFX bridge.
Account module and statements: Don't show any numbers on insurance claim line since they are duplicates.
Payment splits automated to prevent negative account balances.
Payment plans now highlight attached splits when you click on them.
Columns reworked in select patient window so chart number shows easier.
Procedures on capitation 'claims' now default to no writeoff since writeoff has already happened.
Allow deleting a timecard entry.
E-claims option to use the claim treating provider for all procedures. For instance, if procedures performed by hygeinist, then this would ignore and only use the dentist. Enabled by default.
Provider ID's on printed insurance claims. Uses the existing supplemental provider IDs designed for e-claims.
When printing a single claim, allow printing multiple copies.
Make listboxes wider for fee schedules.
Payment reports refined to use pay date, not proc date.
Renamed gradeschool field to site in the user interface.
Treatment plan was tending to print note on a second page.

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