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Version 3.4

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Version 3.4

Released on 4/2/05

Line Item Accounting: Ability to attach payments and discounts directly to procedures, allowing very fine control over all financial data. You could already split payments by patient, and provider, and this allows you to split by procedure and date too. Although this feature technically makes line item accounting possible, there is no automation yet, so you would only use it in rare situations where you need more control over an account.

Insurance Allowed Fees: Track allowed amounts for each insurance plan. You can update the fees manually or when entering insurance payments that come in.

Printer Setup: You can setup different default printers for each function in the program. This allows total control over routing labels, statements, color TPs, postcards, etc. Specific to each workstation. Also lets you specify whether you want to be prompted for a printer on each function.

Bridge: To www.housecallsweb.com for web-based appointment reminders using telephone, fax, or email.

Clinics: If you are running multiple practices on one database, you can now set them up so that at least you can split out your deposit slip into different accounts. Each patient and payment can be assigned to a different clinic.

Label for single patient: Also a single label for an insurance carrier.

Procedure Notes: Require parameters like shade, carps, etc. This will prevent almost all foms of incomplete notes. Support for simple grids for RCT measurements, etc by enabling tabs.

Update Feature: Check for updates to Open Dental and install them from the internet.

Statement Improvements: Printer selection, due date, account number, and aging.

Merge Letter for a single patient: Or for a single Referral. Supplements the existing letter functions and the merging of reports with letters. But this is a letter or form for only one patient or referral source. Can be used for routing slips, referral letters, etc.

MySQL 4.1: Full support for the latest version of MySQL. This improves stability and also support for foreign languages.

Fee schedule user interface improvements: You can double click fees to edit, and also direct link to fee schedule names.
Refreshing local data is now more intelligent. This reduces network traffic for very large clinics (over 30 computers).
If Help.chm is found in application directory, then a menu item will be available for it.
New perio icon in toolbar.
Enable translations on statements.
More options for which provider gets set to the billing provider on claims.
If a conversion starts, but is unsuccessful, lock the database to prevent using a corrupted database.
Enhanced employer box in family edit window.
Not allowed to delete a procedure if any notes attached.
Allow more than 11 digits in patient Medicaid ID field.
Option to hide fees on treatment plans.
Deceased shows in red in Family module.
Popup warning when trying to schedule an inactive or deceased patient.
Show priorities in Appt Edit window to allow setting up multiple planned appointments instead of just one.
Added Aboriginal to races for Australia.
Added work phone to patient search window
Thumbnails in Chart module looked a little fuzzy, especially with photographs.
Any report can now be saved as an Excel spreadsheet.
Alt-N activates the notes in procedure edit window for easynotespro.com functionality.
Allow exporting appointment report to file. This makes postcards possible for confirmations.
Birthday report.
Bridge to Planmeca
Ability to enter negative insurance payments
When printing billing, now only shows one print job instead of multiple print jobs.

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