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Version 2.8

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Version 2.8

This version was released on 6/10/04

Employer: Employer table added. An employer can be attached to a patient, an insurance plan, or an insurance template. Easy to combine employers if you accidently end up with multiple variations of a single employer with different spellings.

Carrier: Carrier table added. This eliminates all duplicate entry of Carrier names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Insurance Plans: This section is now organized by employer. The flow has been improved and it is now easier to use with ease of use features as well as powerful synchronization features.

Images Module: (previously known as the Documents module). You can now store ANY kind of image or other file type in the patient's folder, including text, Word, Excel, PDF, bitmap, etc. There is not a preview capability yet for types other than jpg, but when you double click on the item in the tree, that image or file will open using whatever program it would normally open in. Just as important is the new capability for recognizing new files. If you manually save any new files into the folder for that patient, then, the next time you open the Images module in Open Dental, it will recognize the new files and add them to the database. So now you have another way to quickly attach documents and images to a patient.

More Statement Options: When you manually print a statement, there are now more options for date range, insurance claims, subtotals , and family members.

Toolbars: The toolbars across the top of each window have new look. This also makes it easier to customize what buttons show for links to other programs, for instance the program links for Imaging programs.

Example of old toolbar style:

Example of new toolbar style:

Program Links: The Program Links section is finally more useful. You can link to any program, select which toolbars the button will show on, and add parameters that specialized links might need, like various directory paths.

Bridges: Bridges to all the most popular imaging programs are included in this release: TigerView, Apteryx, Schick CDR Dicom, Gendex VixWin, Dexis, and Trophy. See the Imaging section for more details on bridges.

Easy Options: One of the most popular requests is for a dental program that is easy for beginners in the front office to use. Open Dental has become very powerful, and it is now necessary to hide all that complexity for new users. This is great for training or for offices that are less computer literate. After users learn the basics they can start to turn on the features that they need as they need them. More options will be added later.

Time Clock : The Staff module is being introduced. For now, it just has a simple time clock function. It is not exactly full featured, but it is functional, and many offices will find it useful.

International tooth numbering: Previous versions only used teeth #1-32, and A-T. The new feature does not change how the teeth numbers are stored, but only how they are displayed and printed, so you can upgrade without changing any of your data.

Added field for number of x-rays attached to a claim.
Improved handling of SSN and State fields for foreign countries.

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