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Version 21.2

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Version 21.2 was released on 08/31/2021.

Major Changes

Pay Periods: Option to generate pay periods on a semi-monthly basis. Time Card Setup

Practice Setup: Billing and Pay To Phone numbers added to send on claims. Practice Setup


  • eClipboard allows users to select sheets for patients by age. eClipboard Setup
  • eClipboard allows patients to photograph their insurance card and photo ID. eClipboard Setup
  • eClipboard allows users to remove treatment plans from the checkin list. eClipboard: Treatment Plan
  • General email or text messages can automatically go out to patients after an appointment. General Messages

Changes by Category

Account Module

Appointment Module


Family Module

  • Recalculate estimates when attaching a discount plan to a patient. Discount Plan
  • Check for deleted patient status when refreshing module. Family Module
  • Warn user if attempting to move patient from a family that has been sent to TSI. Family Module
  • Ability to disable Blue Book on individual plans. Insurance Plan

Manage Module

  • Attach files to accounting entries. Accounting Transactions
  • Billing options display a confirmation message when defaults are saved. Billing
  • Automated ERA processing. ERAs
  • Automatically import ERA CARC codes. Claim Procedures ( claimprocs )
  • Allow statements to be batched by clinic. Billing
  • Archiving a task list will no longer reset ObjectType, DateType, and DateTL. Tasks Area
  • Restore find-as-you-type functionality to the Supplies window. Supplies
  • Include guarantor email addresses when exporting a billing list to an xml file. Billing Defaults
  • ERA data is refreshed when the date range is changed. ERAs
  • Preference to determine if clinic and status information displays in ERAs. Enterprise Setup
  • Preference to determine ERA claim matching logic. Enterprise Setup
  • Preference to determine refreshing ERA data. Enterprise Setup
  • Added ADP Run. Time Card Setup, Manage Time Cards
  • Billing window updated to clarify that Patient Portal is required when sending statement texts. Billing
  • Updated wording within Backup window. Backup Tool
  • Updated supplemental backup frequency from once per week to nightly. (also backported to 21.1.47) Supplemental Backups
  • Clarification added to Billing Defaults that Patient Portal is required for SMS messages. Billing Defaults

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