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Version 20.5

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Version 20.5 was released on 03/11/2021.

Overview of Version 20.5

Major Changes

Paint Types: Created new paint types for more tooth chart customization. Procedure Code

  • New paint types created for Space Maintainers and Retained Root.
  • Paint type Watch changed to Text

Appointment Module: New buttons to jump appointment calendar 3, 4 or 6 months. Appointments Module

Discount Plans: Added effective dates for Discount Plans.

Procedure Codes: New 2021 COVID-19 CDT Codes. Procedure Code Tools

Changes by Category

Appointments Module

  • Modifications to look of ASAP list. ASAP List
  • In the Confirmation List, option to send one confirmation request per family. Confirmation List
  • Go to Appt Date automatically selects an appointment view that contains the appointment operatory. Patient Appointments
  • Estimated Patient Portion includes Treatment Plan discounts in the Edit Appointment window. Edit Appointment

Account Module

Chart Module


Family Module

Imaging Module

Manage Module

  • Alert when supplemental backup is successfully created. Alerts
  • Transworld warns user when an account with outstanding claims is sent to collections. (Also backported to 20.4.29) TSI Collections
  • Passwords in the ebill table are encrypted. Billing Defaults
  • Emails from Gmail can be automatically downloaded to the email inbox. Email Address Edit
  • Enhancements when removing old data. Remove Old Data
  • DentalXChange statements have the option to include Adjust in the description for adjustments. Billing Defaults
  • Filter time clock by employee name. Time Clock
  • Hide Legacy/Repeating tasks settings when Legacy/Repeating tasks are not enabled. Task List





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