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Version 20.4

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Version 20.4 was released on 12/17/2020.

Overview of Version 20.4

Major Changes

2021 CDT Codes: The 2021 CDT codes are available in version 20.3.48 or 20.4.28 or greater. Procedure Code Tools

Zoom: Allows users to enlarge the overall display of Open Dental.

QuickBooks Online integration: Connect QuickBooks Online to Open Dental.

Insurance Verification Needed: Display an icon on upcoming appointments if patient's insurance has not been marked as verified.

PDMP for additional states: PDMP is now available for all states.

  • For users in California, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Utah, and Washington, see PDMP Bridge
  • For users outside of the above states, see Appriss Bridge

Changes by Category

Account Module


Chart Module


Family Module

Imaging Module

  • Place file into specific category when adding a file through the A to Z folder. A to Z Folder
  • Ability to swap images on mounts. Imaging Module

Manage Module

  • Users on a task can only be changed once the task has been saved. Task Window
  • Ability to right-click on a task description to immediately navigate to website or UNC path. Task
  • Short description available for tasks. Task, Task Window
  • Selecting a task list also displays full path. Task
  • Improved ERA claim matching. ERA Match with Claim
  • Prevent limited statements, receipts, and invoices from being sent electronically. Billing List



  • The Edit Protected Leave Time Card Adjustments permission now allows changes to other user's time cards. Permissions
  • Added Query Monitor View permission. Permissions
  • Added Web Forms Access permission. Permissions
  • Split Edit Commlog permission into Create Commlog and Edit Commlog. Permissions
  • Audit trail tracks created, deleted, and updated Repeating Charges. Audit Trail Permissions
  • ProcCompleteEdit permission logs changes made to tooth number or surface. Audit Trail Permissions
  • TP Procedure Date permissions uses DateEntryC rather than ProcDate when calculating lock date. Permissions



  • Moved database maintenance method, FormDatabaseMaintenance, to Old tab. Database Maintenance
  • Added database maintenance method, ProcedurelogCodeNumInvalid, to Database Maintenance for Patient. Database Maintenance for Patient
  • Search exact matches in the Wiki Search. Wiki Search
  • Adding internal wiki links no longer requires three-character minimum to search. Wiki Edit
  • Option to hide unused definitions in Custom Claim Tracking. Definitions: Claim Custom Tracking
  • Updated DentiCal claim form to latest version. Denti-Cal
  • Bridge to TRIOS 3Shape. 3Shape Bridge
  • For multiple location users. After updating via the File Copier, Open Dental will re-connect to the same database as before. Update
  • Added Payload Monitor for Middle Tier users. Payload Monitor
  • Text settings removed from Reactivation Setup. Setup Reactivation
  • Enterprise preference to match patients on exact phone number. Enterprise Setup
  • Ability to disable Refresh while typing in Patient Select window. Enterprise Setup, Miscellaneous Setup
  • Treatment Plan display field for appts shows U for procedure associated with an unscheduled appointment. Display Fields
  • Enter key refreshes Patient Select window when Refresh while typing is unchecked. Select Patient
  • Fixed phone number formatting in Edit Clinic window. Clinic
  • Medication Merge tool enhanced to allow merging generic medications into brand medications. Merge Medications
  • ASAP List now prints the currently selected tab. ASAP List
  • Transworld warns users when an account with outstanding claims is sent to collections (also backported to V20.3.49).
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