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Version 19.3

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Version 19.3 was released on 10/02/2019 as beta.

Appointment Module
  • Sort Recall List by type. Recall List
  • Right-click option to add autonotes to an appointment note.
  • Increase font size on appointments.
  • Ability to double-book appointments in an operatory.
  • Appointments allow horizontal scroll while keeping appointment sizes the same.
  • Appointment Module preference enhanced to disallow changing appointment status or detaching procedures. Appointments Module Preferences
  • Change width of provider bar on left of appointments.
  • Add text to provider bars.

Account Module
  • Exclude options added to Finance Charges.
  • Filter added to Payment window to show only explicitly paid balances. Payment
  • Recurring Charges allow user to pick the day in addition to the month.
  • Added character limit to narratives sent via the DentalXChange Attachment Service. DentalXChange Attachment
  • Carrier name sent to PaySimple when processing insurance payment. Finalize Insurance Payment

Chart Module
Manage Module
  • Archive a task list. Tasks Area
  • Display patnum on tasks when patient is attached as object.
  • Removed Show Credit Card Info from Manage Module Preferences. Manage Module Preferences
  • Supplemental Backup tool.
  • Click to sort columns in Send Claims window. Send Claims
  • Additional columns added to Send Claim window. Send Claims

  • Program links can be enabled by clinic. Custom Bridges
  • Reports can be printed by page range. Complex Report System
  • Ability to view if your office is on support. Support Status
  • Is Hidden column added to Laboratories window. Laboratories
  • Apteryx XVWeb allows option for Image Quality. Apteryx XVWeb Bridge
  • Sheets windows renamed to be more consistent. Sheet Field Types
  • Additional audit trail entries when setting up eServices.
  • Added the Query Monitor. Query Monitor
  • Audit trail entry when assignment of benefits change for an insurance plan.
  • Module preferences renamed to be more consistent.
  • Character limit increased to 225 characters on Employer field in Insurance Plans. Employers, Insurance Plan
  • Added checkbox in Provider Setup window to show patient count.
  • Ability to set Web Sched Recall provider rules by clinic.
  • Sheet Field Defs can have a Y value greater than 2,000. Sheet Field Types
  • Redesigned module preference windows.
  • Themes changed to only include icons.
  • Ability to search the Provider List. Providers
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