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Version 15.2

See Versions.

Version 15.2 was released on 7/20/2015.

Pay Split Manager: New tool to manage and allocate payment income to providers and procedures. Improved automatic payment split logic that is based on FIFO. Income Transfer Manager

Payment Plan Improvements:Old Payment Plan, Payment Plan Report

  • Payment plan amortization schedule shows provider, interest, and total amounts.
  • Payment schedule, down payment, and number of payments or monthly payment amount are stored in database.
  • Payment plan changes are not saved until user clicks OK.
  • Payment plan report has options to filter by date range, provider, and clinic, show family balance, and show insurance payment plans and/or patient payment plans. Generated report calculates total amounts by column, sorts by provider, and groups by clinic. Uses Complex Report System.

Waiting Room: Waiting Room, Appointment Module Preferences

  • Use text color to flag patients whose wait time has exceeded a certain value.
  • Only show patients in the waiting room if their appointment is scheduled in an operatory that shows in the current appointment view.

Broken Appointments:

eServices: Easier identification and management of Listener Service status.

  • Listener Service status is monitored regularly and tracked.
  • If the Listener Service goes down, user is notified in the interface that eServices are down.
  • Restart the Listener Service from the eServices Setup window, Listener Service tab.
  • New eServices option in the main menu. Main Menu
  • eServicesSetup permission. Permission

Central Enterprise Management Tool: Central Enterprise Management Tool Setup

  • Create CEMT specific users with their own user groups and permissions and sync to other databases.
  • Modify the global lock date. New global lock date preference. CEMT Security
  • CEMT user data only visible on audit trail entries and log on window.
  • Create custom connection groups. CEMT Database Connections

Minor Changes:
Orthodontic total months for 5010 e-claims. Claim - General Tab
Finance Charge Report allows entering a date range. Finance Charge Report
Email Inbox: Preview new e-mails, interface enhancements.
OpenDentalWebConfig.xml file is auto-generated.
Open Dental services are automatically stopped when updating versions, then restarted once update is complete. Update Open Dental Versions
Set the default provider for a clinic. Clinic Setup
Attempts to clock in trigger an alert if the pay period doesn't exist. Time Clock
Unscheduled List is non-modal (e.g. access other windows while Unscheduled List is open). Unscheduled List
Send an unscheduled appointment from the Unscheduled List to the PinBoard. Unscheduled List
Jump to the Chart module from the Unscheduled List. Unscheduled List
Planned Appointment Tracker is non-modal (e.g. access other windows while Planned Appointment Tracker is open). Planned Appointment Tracker
Send an unscheduled planned appointment from the Planned Appointment Tracker to the PinBoard. Planned Appointment Tracker
Jump to the Chart module from the Planned Appointment Tracker. Planned Appointment Tracker
Backup tool checks for sufficient disk space on backup device. Backup/Restore Tool
Ability to change the date of EHR measure events. Edit Measure Event Dates
EHR measure event audit trail shows any date changes. Edit Measure Event Dates
EHRMeasureEventEdit permission. PermissionDisable the process signal interval during periods of inactivity. Miscellaneous Setup
Reset all tooth movement values to zero. Tooth Movement
Search for deposit entries by payment amount or check number. Deposits and Deposit Slips
View total count of selected deposit line items. Deposits and Deposit Slips
Same for entire family checkbox for wireless phone, work phone, and email. Patient Edit
Invoice note allows multiple lines. Billing Defaults
LabCorp HL7 interface for inbound messages. LabCorp HL7
Genoray's Triana bridge. Genoray Triana
Preference determines when e-claims on the Send Claims window are validated. Manage Module Preferences
Use Database Maintenance to correct invalid default provider numbers on procedure codes. Database Maintenance
Use Database Maintenance to find insurance payments that are not marked as partial and have no attached claims. Database Maintenance
Remote connect to Open Dental using Remote Support with Code in Main Menu, Help. Main Menu

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