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Version 14.1

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Version 14.1 was released on 3/31/2014.

EHR: Enhancements for MU and 2014 certification.
- New measure calculations for Stage 2 Meaningful Use. EHR Stage 2 Measure Reports
- Three new EHR measure calculations to handle exclusions for vital signs. Vital Signs
- CPOE medication orders include the optional alternate measure for measure calculation. CPOE Medication Orders
- Use the Electronic Prescription interface for Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) of medication orders. Electronic Prescriptions
- Create CPOE laboratory and radiology orders. EHR CPOE Radiology and Lab Orders
- Set up Clinical Decision Support interventions based on specific conditions for specific users. CDS Interventions
- Send and receive secure e-mail to and from patients using the enhanced Patient Portal. Secure Web Mail
- Provide patients with the ability to access, download and transmit their health information online using the enhanced Patient Portal. Patient Portal
- Send and receive encrypted e-mail from one provider to another using the Direct standard. Direct Messaging- Vital signs includes optional exclusions. Vital Signs
- Export a detailed summary of care CCDA for all patients. Summary of Care
- Enhanced medication reconciliation of allergies, medications, and problems. Medication Reconciliation
- Record family health history. Family Health History
- Enter data for and report on 2014 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs). Clinical Quality Measures
- Enhanced patient lists. Patient Lists
- Import medical laboratory results using HL7 Lab Results Interface (LRI). Lab Results
- Record electronic, searchable notes in patient records. Edit Procedures
- Support for medical codes including SNOMED CT, ICD9, ICD10, RxNorms, CPT, CDCREC, CVX, HCPCS, LOINC, SOP, and UCUM. Code System Import
- Support for InfoButton through MedLine Plus. InfoButton
- Generate electronic syndromic surveillance data (appointment observations) for submission to registries. Syndromic Surveillance
- Enhanced entry and export of immunization data. Vaccines
- NIST time sync. NIST Time Synch
- More family relationship options on the Edit Patient Information window. Family Relationships

E-mail: Enhanced to include an inbox. E-mail Inbox

Timecard: Enhanced to correspond with ADP format requirements. Options for differential and overtime hours added. Time card management includes additional features to automate calculations and simplify error fixing. Time Card Setup, Time Card Manage

Minor Changes
Electronic Dental Services (EDS) clearinghouse. Electronic Dental Services
Wiki lists search and scrollbar behavior is enhanced. Wiki Lists
Additional payment frequency options added to payment plan amortization schedules. Payment Plans
When anything is printed or copied within Open Dental, a log entry is added to the audit trail. Audit Trail
Changes to popups are now tracked in a popup audit trail and deleted popups are permanently archived. Popups
Schedules enhanced to include graphical chart of providers and employees scheduled on a single day. Schedules
MedicalInfoViewed permission logs an audit trail entry when the Medical window is viewed. Permissions
PatProbListEdit permission tracks additions, changes, and deletions to a patient's problems. Permissions
PatMedicationListEdit permission tracks additions, changes, and deletions to a patient's medications. Permissions
PatAllergyListEdit permission tracks additions, changes, and deletions to a patient's allergies. Permissions, Allergies
ClaimX/ExtraDent added as an electronic billing option. Billing Defaults
E-mail override added to dunning messages. [currentMonth] and [nameFLnoPref] added as e-mail variables. Billing
Formatting can be applied to multiple lines at once in the Wiki.
Reduced number of clicks required in the Supply Inventory windows. Supply Inventory
For Canadian users supernumerary teeth can be entered as 99. Chart Module Preferences

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