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Version 13.1

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Version 13.1 was released on 6/25/2013.

Procedure Locking: Will not be used by most offices. Includes ability to append notes to a locked procedure. A locked procedure cannot be edited or deleted, but it can be invalidated. All completed procedures in a date range may be locked at one time with a tool. Procedure Locking

Wiki: A full-blown wiki is now built into Open Dental. This can be a place for any staff to put any shared content, including employee manual, processes, etc. We use this feature heavily at Open Dental HQ, so it will be constantly enhanced. Wiki (documentation incomplete)

Email: Email setup now handles multiple email addresses. A default email address can be set for each clinic.

Spell Check: Some important text boxes in Open Dental are now spell checked. Incorrect words are underlined with the option to replace with a suggested word or add to the custom dictionary. Spell Check

Electronic Prescriptions: There is no longer a need to manually double-enter Electronic Rx.

Minor Changes
HL7 interfaces now have additional settings for showing specific modules.
Primary providers for patients can now be reassigned by most used provider using a tool in the providers window. Providers
On the Procedure Code window, the Description column now wraps so the entire description is visible. Procedure Codes
Sheets now print exactly the same as the on-screen display instead of with slightly different spacing. Sheets
In the Images module, the 100 button sets the image zoom to 100%. Images

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