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Version 12.2

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Version 12.2 was released on 6/28/2012

Claim Fields: More claim fields added for 5010 and DentiCal: Original Reference Number, CLM01 Claim Identifier, Correction Type, and Date Resent. Claim.

Scanning: Six more scanning settings, and the settings are per workstation. This should help with some duplex scanning problems as well as speeding up the scanning process. Imaging Setup.

eCW: Third integration mode called "full" which opens up nearly all Open Dental features yet still passes all HL7 messages back and forth. eCW.

Timecards: Report for all employees on one page, exportable for payroll service. Timecards print for all employees at once, multiple pages with detail. Time Clock.

Minor Changes
Appointment color override per appointment. Edit Appointment.
Certain procedure codes assigned to one provider by default. Procedure Code Edit.
eCW completed procedures automatically attached to appointments. eCW.
QB bridge supports choosing from multiple income accounts when making deposit. QuickBooks.
Security permissions for adding/removing a referral to/from patient. Included in audit trail. Permissions.
Claim Send window now has a date column and sorts by date. Sending and Printing Insurance Claims.
Appointments for Patient window, added clinic and provider columns. Scheduling an Appointment.
X-Charge, better support for voids and returns. X-Charge.
Equipment is now searchable by location. Equipment.
BioPAK bridge. BioPAK.
RayMage bridge. RayMage.
New Claim Button Behavior. Account Module.
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