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Trial Database Improvements

See Installation.

This is a list of changes that have been made to the demo and blank databases that come with the Trial Version.

Version 18.3.50 to 19.1.55

  • Set the default setting for Themes to Modern Blue in the trial version.
  • Set the insurance categories to the default values in the Canada database.
  • Alphabetize Reports in each section for ease of use and better user experience
    Note: (with the exception of More Options in the P&I category)
  • Canada blank database: Move code 00011 into the obsolete category and ensure code 01011 "Dental Visit/orientation" is available instead.
  • Unlink Aspirin as a generic medication to Acetaminaphen.

Version 18.3.32 to 18.3.50

  • Turn clinics off in any dbs that have the clinics feature turned on with no clinics entered so that selecting a patient does not give an error message to the user (e.g. demo db).

Version 17.4.91 to 18.2.45

  • Updated default preference for Credits Greater than Proc Fee to Warn.
  • Changes to Query Favorites.
  • Updated the schedule in the Appointments Module of demo database.
  • Preference for Appointment Require Procedure is checked by default.

Version 15.4.35 to 17.1.35

  • Verified auto note prompts.
  • Days Past default value on Recall Setup window changed.
  • All printed treatment plans are formatted using the Treatment Plan sheet.
  • In Account Module Preferences, Line Item Payment Plans is turned on by default.
  • ImageFX bridge renamed to Patient Gallery.
  • In Family Module Preferences, InsPlan option at bottom, Change Plan for all subscribers is checked by default.
  • In Appointment Module Preferences Appointments require procedures is checked by default.
  • In Setup, Definitions, Image Categories, Treatment Plan category defaults to a usage of Treatment Plans.
  • Wiki basics page added to wiki.
  • Queries added to the User Query Favorites.
  • Canada Insurance Category Spans updated.
  • Dee Capitation added as an example of a patient with a capitation plan.
  • Paula Perio added as an example of a patient with a perio chart.

Version 14.1.18 to 15.4.35

  • Created providers for Canada.
  • Claim Form default is ADA 2012.
  • Clearinghouse format default is 5010.
  • In the Problem List, Keep problem list alphabetized is checked by default.
  • In Setup, Definitions, Insurance Payment Types, Check is the default.
  • In Setup, Manage, Messaging, Front user has a light color.
  • Installing the trial will not override data in an existing database named opendental. Instead, the current database is renamed before writing a new opendental database.
  • MDL and ML quick buttons now associated with surfaces.

Version 13.2.36 to 14.1.18

  • Trial installer executable now has the Open Dental logo on it.
  • Uncompressing progress of the trial installer now shows so that users can see that progress is being made instead of it looking like nothing is happening.

Version 12.4.41 to 13.2.36

  • Chart module only shows All and Photo Image Category tabs.
  • COB rule default is Standard instead of Basic.
  • On the Patient Edit window, the Text Message ?? behavior defaults to No instead of Yes.
  • Added insurance category for implants.
  • No longer able to update databases with the trial version.
  • Removed broken query examples from favorite list.
  • Added an Excuse Letter to the custom sheet defs.

Version 11.0.41 to 12.4.41

  • Created a user called User and a user group called Regular Users which has typical permission privileges.
  • Corrected the spelling of abscess in Diagnosis.
  • Chart Module, Show tab, added a Default View.
  • Manage Module, Backup: Restore A-Z images to this folder: now shows C:\OpenDentImages\ instead of C:\OpenDentalData\.
  • Added payment type Patient Refund Check.

Version 7.6 to 11.0.41

  • Recall types, added more triggers.
  • Procedure Code Tools, added a checkbox and tool for resetting the recall triggers to use D-codes instead of T-codes.
  • Implant procedures have treatment area set as tooth instead of mouth and paint type changed to implant.
  • Code D4910 Perio Maint falls under the Perio category now.
  • Added sample auto note for comp exams with common prompts.
  • Added sample allergies, medications and prescriptions.
  • Changed the name of Standard fee schedule to Office Fees.
  • Changed the default Provider and Hygienist names to Default Provider and Default Hygienist.
  • Changed the default practice info to Your Practice info here.
  • Added a default blockout lunch or meeting.
  • Added a watch tooth as an N1254 code and watch surface code as an N2546 code.
  • Added the watch tooth (N1254) and watch surface (N2546) to Procedure Buttons under Exams & Xrays catagory.

Version 6.9.19 to 7.6

  • Box in setup for allow setting individual procedures complete is unchecked by default.
  • In Recall Setup, Postcards per Sheet was changed to 4.

Version 6.5.22 to 6.9.19

  • Emdeon clearinghouse claim export path, change from C:\WebMD\Claims\ to C:\WebMDClient\Claims\
  • Adjustment types: Remove patient refund check and write off x2
  • Recall: add default days range, add days since last reminders, ?date changed to brackets.
  • In Setup Recall, filled in the text for second and third reminders.
  • Registration Key window overhauled.
  • All procedure code categories are now unhidden.
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