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At Open Dental, we put great value in customer feedback and are excited to have some of the most satisfied users in the industry. Here's what our users have to say about Open Dental.

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DentalTown Forum

"Open Dental. All day every day. I've used Eaglesoft and Dentrix. OD beats them both. Not just beats them, but gives them wedgies, then swirlies, and then takes their lunch money."

"Open Dental hands down. I've used Dentrix and Eaglesoft in previous jobs and like the OD I have now much better. Their support is awesome and very helpful. If a feature is missing, they will add it if enough people request it. If you are the only one who wants it, you can hire a programmer to write a plugin. The best thing is the open SQL database. Not only is it accessible with a standard SQL tools (e.g. Crystal Reports) but the database is documented. The OD website fully describes how the data is stored. This means fast and easy third party integration. Almost every third party tool integrates with OD either first or very early. Also, you can have any report you can imagine. OD programmers will write custom reports for very reasonable fees. This is rarely needed, though, because there are something like 900 reports already available."
-Jay Peck

"I have often been asked for recommendations with regard to PM software. It's always Open Dental. I like recommending a product I am confident in. Open Dental has never disappointed me. More importantly, those who have gone with Open generally thank me months or even a year later."

"Open Dental all day every day. I've called support hundreds of times and they have never failed to answer my question or fix the problem. Not one single time."

"Open Dental without question. The cost of the software is not the issue. The cost of running a dental practice without capable software and a trained staff is the real issue. I see so many dental offices that totally 'miss the boat' - and it's something that no one can afford in today's dental economy."
-Bruce Stephenson

Open Dental User Forum

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I have used OD for almost two years. I have been very happy. We use the digital chart, bridge to our digital radiograph software and electronically bill insurance with no problems. Not only is the program free but the support I have received for the most part has been excellent and is very reasonably priced."
- DavidWolf

"I converted from Softdent 8 months ago, it has been a great move. The quality of the product and support costs make OD outstanding value. There have been multiple updates since I have been a user, totally different than the stagnant program I used to use. You will not be sorry if you become an OD user."
- Shoagland

"We love OD, you will not be disappointed. Open Dental is second to none overall. You can't beat the features and responsiveness to your questions on this forum from other users, as well as Jordan himself. Upgrades? They are slick. You can do them usually in a few minutes, where I remember with Dentrix, usually it took me hours to get it to install properly on all my workstations."

"I highly recommend Open Dental. I thought my office was high tech, until I switched to Open Dental. Being an open source program, I feel the sky is the limit. The support is unsurpassed. You would be extremely satisfied with its capabilities."

"I am in software industry for almost twenty years. My wife is a dentist. I get to check out a lot of dental software at the ADA conventions and in many dental offices. A lot of them are not of good quality and outrageously expensive. Open Dental is a great product with latest technology (.NET and mysql database server). Overall this is a GREAT product, and inexpensive. I am even more amazed that it is developed by a dentist. Buy it. It cannot go wrong."

View original discussion: Weighing the big decision
"I have been practicing for 25 years. I have been computerized for over 20 years but only started using Open Dental two months ago. I was using a PMS that was not meeting my needs so I was considering Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Softdent, Practice Works, etc. My budget would have permitted me to choose any of the PMS software programs but at the end of the day, I chose Open Dental. I went with Open Dental and I have not regretted it. Their conversion department has bent over backwards to help me. I have been quite pleased with their telephone training, their tech support, their responsiveness to help with issues I have encountered, etc."

"I've been practicing for 23 years in my hometown. [Open Dental is] a wonderful choice. The price is right and the software is outstanding. I think OD probably has the best support in the business and probably bridges to more software than any other practice management system. You have a choice in clearinghouses for sending your claims; you have a choice in digital X-ray and imaging companies. Ask if any of those other softwares let you have those choices."

"I would only recommend Open Dental. I have been computerized since 1992 with clinical workstations since 2002. I have used Easy Dental (DOS), TDOCS and Alta Point. All excellent software in their own right. The same problem always crept up and caused me to change, support. Either lack of or inefficiency. I changed to OD because of the open system. I can always get support."
-Anthony J Turner

"Would I recommend OD? Absolutely, no question. We had in-house demos from all the major players and downloaded and used the free demo from OD. At the end of the day, OD was the best option hands down, and the best part is, it was 10K cheaper than the others. We have needed some minimal tech support and compared to Easy Dental, it is not even comparable. OD has the problem fixed before I would have been able to talk to someone at Easy Dental. If the Dentrix guy tells you to look out for OD, they are scared and just using a sales pitch."

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