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Application Programming Interface (API)

The Open Dental API is developed and maintained by Open Dental.

See our API Specification Document for details.

Visit our API Forum for questions & answers or to request new features.


The Open Dental API allows developers to safely interact with an Open Dental database. Open Dental RESTful API is different from the FHIR API, which is targeted toward interfacing with medical systems. The API and the FHIR API share some of the same codebase, especially security, but the target audience is different. This API is generally recommended for most interfaces, unless you are connecting to an existing FHIR interface.


In order to use the API, the office must have an eConnector running. See eConnector for installation instructions.

Then, the developer will work with the customer to enable the API within Open Dental. Have the customer go to API Setup and check the Enabled checkbox. This is also where additional customer keys can be created and disabled.

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