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New Zealand

See International Customers.

Open Dental is currently being used in New Zealand by a few offices and it works well.


We generally provide email support to New Zealand because of the time difference. However, New Zealand customers are always welcome to call us during our normal business hours. The time in New Zealand is about 19 hours ahead of us, so it is easiest to reach us in the morning, because it will be late afternoon of the day before in Pacific Time.

Set Region

Set your Region and Language settings to English (New Zealand) on each computer. This will trigger features that we have included specifically for New Zealand, such as different names for some address fields and additional information on tax invoices as described below.

Tax Invoices

Some countries require special tax invoices to be given to their patients for goods and services. In New Zealand it is required that these tax invoices include GST (Goods and Services Tax) information.

Details regarding information that must be shown can be found at http://www.ird.govt.nz/gst/work-out/work-out-records/records-tax/tax-info/.

Additional Information

  • In the Account Module, Statement dropdown select Invoice.
  • In the Practice Setup window, determine which provider is the practice default provider.
  • In the Provider, enter the GST number in the SSN or TIN field for the default provider. It does not matter which radio button for SSN or TIN you have selected.
  • In the Billing Defaults window, you can enter an invoice default note that will print on all invoices. (e.g., "Inclusive of GST at 15%".)

See the Invoice page for specifics and screenshots.

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