Imaging Improvements

The Imaging Module has been enhanced recently with a variety of improvements. We list those improvements below. A few improvements are prefixed by a Feature Request number so that you can look at comments from other users.

This page was last updated on 12/01/2022

Complete in Version 22.2

Flip incoming mount images automatically because ScanX images are mirrored.

After acquire, option to default to Adj mode instead of Pan mode.

Default measurement scale for new images. Previously, there were only defaults for mounts.

Video camera window, remember previous window size.

Video camera, default imaging category for new images.

Complete in Version 22.1

Default image categories for mounts. Example: 4BW mounts are automatically placed in BW category.

Fewer clicks to start aquire.

When acquiring, if there are more images than will fit in mount, they now go into the unmounted area.

Unmounted area shows after acquire in case you want to use it during reorganization.

Complete in Version 21.4

1096 - Freehand drawing with pen, point to point lines, edit, change color, etc. Measurements.

13365 - Show mounts in the chart thumbnails. Make them clickable.

Thumbnails in the tree at the left

Mounts can now contain generated text.

14033 - Edit existing mounts. Example: change the type of mount. Example: add a 5th image to a 4BW mount. Possible, but not simple.

Unmounted area for retakes

Rotations of any small increment instead of just 90 degree increments.

Complete in Version 21.3

1708 - Open multiple images at once. Drag to other screen if desired.

1096- Text on images and mounts.

Possible Issues

We have a complaint that the option in Edit Mount Def for Use Adj Mode After Series is not working after multi image ScanX capture.

Coming Soon

Add Insurance ID as a text field.


These features have been requested. We may get to them someday, but probably not soon.

Drag and drop to and from the Unmounted bar.

Unmount images without using the Unmounted bar. Let the images just hang out wherever you drop them.

Native sensor support instead of Twain. The existing Twain support works well and is a smooth experience. It does not require extra clicks. The advantages of native sensor support are subtle and do not apply to everyone. Native support might slightly improve image quality in certain situations, such as an over/underexposed image. It might also slightly improve the look and feel of the interface with less clutter. It can also make installation smoother because there would be no need to install the Twain driver, which is hard to obtain for at least one manufacturer. But there are no clear advantages to native support.

Filters and/or Views for categories or images.

Mount items, adjust size with scroll wheel. Currently, you must set a numeric size.

When editing an existing mount, more tools to make it faster.

Automatic tile and cascade multiple images on the screen

Magnifier tool

Less Likely

The following suggestions sound good, but we're not quite sure what the implementation might look like yet.

Sort by properties

Crop within a mount item. This would be technically hard to implement. There's also not much benefit.