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Imaging Hardware and Software

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Below is a list of companies that manufacture and sell imaging hardware and software. It is an independent resource that includes companies our customers have worked with. For a list of bridges to imaging software and specific setup information for each, see Program Bridges. For a list of other third party vendors that work with Open Dental, see Vendors - Supplemental Services and Products.

Companies are listed alphabetically.

AirTechniques - They make the ScanX which is a popular phosphor plate system. They include imaging software called Visix, which is a rebranded version of Tigerview. As with the other phosphor plate systems, Gendex Denoptix, Soredex Digora, and Orex, the advantages are the price and sensor comfort. The price is especially appealing if you need panos. The disadvantages are the time involved and the fact that the phosphor plates can become scratched.

Ajat - Pano hardware that uses TWAIN drivers. Capture using Image Module.

Apteryx - Their XVA3 software can support almost all sensors on the market. The hardware support is just outstanding, and the software is powerful. Apteryx is frequently rebranded under different names, including Lightyear, Cliniview, and Prof Suni. Apteryx does not manufacture hardware, and Suni sensors are frequently used with it.

Camsight - Known for their digital surgical scope. Manufacture a variety of dental equipment. CDMi and CDMx software.

DentalEye - Imaging software from Sweden.

Dentrix Image - Purchased Vipersoft and renamed it Dentrix Image. It has become a closed and proprietary solution available only to Dentrix users. They used to use Suni sensors, but now use e2v sensors which they refer to as ImageRay sensors. ImageRay sensors do not work outside of Dentrix Image. Recently purchased by Dexis. Parent company of Dentrix is Sullivan-Schein.

Dent-X - Previously known for their line of chemical x-ray developers. Manufactures Eva sensors and ProImage image management.

Dexis - They manufacture sensors and an imaging program to go along with them, but their sensors only work with their proprietary program. They sell one sensor size which is between a #1 and a #2 in size. They recently purchased Dentrix Image. Parent company of Dexis is Danaher, which also owns Gendex.

DXIS - Hardware retrofits existing pano machines to be fully digital without phosphor plates. We bridge to their standalone imaging software.

e2v - A sensor manufacturer that only sells sensors wholesale. They have three sensor sizes which will work on Windows, Mac, or Linux. The e2v sensor is used in Gendex, XDR, Progeny, Imagin, Mediadent, and Dentrix ImageRay products among others. Frequently, rebranded sensors are modified to be proprietary, so they are not interchangeable.

FloridaProbe- Automated perio probing hardware. They have also recently added a full-featured perio software. We have a bridge that works well.

GE - Sigma sensors with Cliniview software. Cliniview is a rebranded version of Apteryx.

Gendex - Manufacturer of DenOptix, shown above, which is the original phosphor plate system. They have been making constant improvements to the technology since it was first released. The disadvantage with phosphor plate systems are the time involved and the fact that the phosphor plates can become scratched. On the other hand, a phosphor plate system is by far the most affordable way to go completely digital, especially if you are using panos. They also manufacture intraoral cameras, x-ray systems, sensors, digital panos, and a wide variety of other instruments. Parent company of Gendex is Danaher, which also owns Dexis/Dentrix Image.

Hamamstu - An OEM manufacturer of sensors. No direct sales. Used by Sigma Biomedics and Camsight.

Kodak - Their Health Imaging division was recently purchased by Onex. Also owns SoftDent and Practice Works practice management programs which have changed ownership repeatedly over the last decade. The bridge from Open Dental to Trophy (Kodak) is the simplest of all the bridges. All it does is specify to Trophy the name of the folder containing the images of the current patient. The Trophy sensors require the proprietary Trophy imaging program to work.

MediaDent - They started out in medical imaging, and then moved into dental imaging using the e2v sensor. They also released a practice management software to complement their imaging software. They use an open SQL database.

Onex - A Canadian company that recently bought out Kodak medical division, including Softdent and PracticeWorks.

Orex - A Kodak subsidiary that makes a phosphor plate system.

Owandy - A French company that makes a sensor between a #1 and #2 in size called a Upix. It has a very short cord (about 4") with a memory chip on the end so that you can take one "wireless" radiograph without hooking up the extension cord. It comes with Upix QuickVision imaging software. Highest resolution of any sensor made. More comfortable than most.

PanoramicCorporation - Panoramic X-ray systems for dental professionals. Available with state-of-the-art digital technology.

PatientGallery Imaging software. Very little information available on their website. Was formerly known as ImageFx.

Planmeca - Based in Helsinki. Software is Dimaxis. They manufacture hardware for both panoramic and intraoral radiography.

PreXion - 3D CBCT

Progeny - A fairly new company founded by the original owner of Gendex. They manufacture an x-ray head, camera, and software. They use the e2v sensor.

Schick - Owned by Patterson, the same company that owns Eaglesoft. We can no longer recommend Schick as an acceptable software solution. Their choice of bridging technology is unnecessarily complex and has resulted in a poor user experience. If you have Schick sensors, they can be used with other imaging software choices that will bridge better.

SciCan - SciCan is better known for autoclaves such as the Statim. They also make intraoral cameras and ImageFX software (now PatientGallery?), but no x-ray equipment.

Sigma - Rebrands Suni sensors as Bio-Ray, and uses Apteryx for imaging.

Sirona - A German company that develops software and equipment. Especially well known for their Cerec CAD-CAM equipment. Their imaging software and sensors are called SIDEXIS. Their software does not directly support other sensors.

Soredex - Their phosphor plate system is called Digora Optime, and in the United States, it's only used for intraoral films, not panos. To store the images, they frequently use Cliniview, which is a rebranded version of Apteryx. They also have Digora software that we bridge to.

Suni - Used to sell sensors wholesale, but now sell retail. Their imaging software, Professor Suni (Dr. Suni), is Apteryx software with a different name. The Suni sensors are also currently being sold as Sigma BioRay brand. They were also used in the older version of Dentrix ImageRay and Lightyear.

TigerView- They have extra features that you wouldn't normally find in imaging software. For instance, email, letters, insurance submissions, etc. Open Dental passes more information through TigerView's bridge than through any other imaging bridge. They do not manufacture hardware. Their support is good.

Vatech - This imaging company is committed to providing the industry with innovative dental x-ray imaging solutions while maintaining a primary focus on ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care.

VideoDental - RSV sensors are imported and distributed exclusively by VideoDental, who also distribute hardware and software from a variety of other manufacturers.

XDR - This software was written by Dr. Douglas Yoon, an expert in dental radiography. Dr. Yoon was the programmer who created the now famous automatic caries detection algorithm. XDR tends to use single-click enhancements and does not include features like colorization which are clinically useless. XDR uses the e2v sensor. Their support is better than any other imaging software.


Open Dental works with all known sensors through direct bridging to all known dental imaging software (when the software company is willing and able to provide bridging instructions to our engineers). We do not recommend any specific brand of sensor or software. If you would like to share a particularly good or bad customer experiences, let us know and we may include it in our documentation.

In general the three major concerns when making a purchasing decision are:

  • Total cost of imaging hardware, software, and support/training combined
  • Clinical usefulness of the system (image quality and usage experience)
  • Warranty (can you return it if you do not like it or it breaks?)

Intraoral Cameras

We do not directly support any intraoral cameras because we would have to support live video. If software came with your intraoral camera, you should use that. You could also purchase a third party imaging software such as one of those listed above that we have a bridge to.

To take still pictures with your intraoral camera, you might explore using a twain driver. Our software can accept still images coming in from twain devices, and some of our customers have been able to make use of this to capture still images. Images can only be saved one at a time.

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