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EHR Objective 6: Patient-Specific Education

This information applies to EHR Modified Stage 2 for Program Years 2015 to 2018. For current information, see:

Measure: Use Open Dental to identify and provide education resources for more than 10% of all unique patients who have office visits during a reporting period. Education resources can be based on problems, medications, lab results, or tobacco use.

Exclusions Available?

Yes, if a provider has no office visits.


2017 Spec Sheet (PDF)

2018 Spec Sheet (PDF)



  • Denominator: All unique patients with at least one completed procedure by the provider during the reporting period.
  • Numerator: Patients in the denominator who were provided an education resource.


EHR Setup Education Resources and Triggers

Patients must meet a defined criteria before an education resource will be triggered in the Education Resource window. When you set up triggers and education resources, be thoughtful of what you choose as criteria. Available criteria can be based on problems, medications, or lab orders. We suggest you set up multiple criteria options. You will need to provide resources to more than 10% of patients in the denominator, thus education resource criteria should be applicable to more than 10% of patients. Ideas for triggers:

  • Education resource triggered for common dental problems such as dental caries, bad breath, etc.
  • Education resource triggered based on a patient's tobacco use.
  • Education resource triggered when patient has no problems known problem or no medications known medication.


EHR Educational Resources

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