API UserGroups

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See User Edit for more information.

UserGroups GET

Version Added: 23.2.21

Gets a list of user groups, which can include CEMT user groups. See User Groups.

includeCEMT: Optional. Either "true" or "false". Set to "true" to return usergroups that are designated as CEMT as well as those that are not. Default "false".

Example Request:
GET /usergroups
GET /usergroups?includeCEMT=true

Example Response:
"UserGroupNum": 1,
"Description": "Admin",
"UserGroupNumCEMT": 0
"UserGroupNum": 3,
"Description": "Security",
"UserGroupNumCEMT": 3
"UserGroupNum": 4,
"Description": "HR",
"UserGroupNumCEMT": 0

200 OK
400 Bad Request (with explanation)