API Signalods

See API Specification

Signalods GET

Version Added: 21.2

SigDateTime is a required parameter. If any Signalods exist after the given dateTime, they will be returned. If a matching Signalod does not exist, it returns an empty list. Store serverDateTime that gets returned and use it to run the next GET.

Example Request
GET /signalods?SigDateTime=2021-02-02%2005%3A05%3A00

Example Response:
"SignalNum": 71,
"DateViewing": "0001-01-01",
"SigDateTime": "2021-04-15 08:01:46",
"FKey": 0,
"FKeyType": "Undefined",
"IType": "Security",
"RemoteRole": "ClientDirect",
"MsgValue": "",
"serverDateTime": "2021-05-25 08:01:46"

200 OK
404 Not Found (with reason)
400 Bad Request (with reason)