API Permissions

See API Specification

Security Permissions

The security permissions for the API are organized differently from those in Open Dental.

Permission Methods Details
Read All AccountModules GET Aging
AccountModules GET PatientBalances
AccountModules GET ServiceDateView
Adjustments GET
Allergies GET
AllergyDefs GET
Appointments GET (single/multiple)
Appointments GET SlotsWebSched
Appointments GET Slots
Appointments GET ASAP
Appointments GET WebSched
AppointmentTypes GET
ApptFields GET
ApptFieldDefs GET
AutoNoteControls GET
AutoNotes GET
Benefits GET
Carriers GET
ChartModules GET ProgNotes
ChartModules GET PatientInfo
ChartModules GET PlannedAppts
ClaimProcs GET
Claims GET
Clinics GET
Commlogs GET
Definitions GET
DiscountPlans GET
DiscountPlanSubs GET
Diseases GET
DiseaseDefs GET
Documents GET
FamilyModules GET Insurance
FeeScheds GET
InsPlans GET
Medications GET
MedicationPats GET
Operatories GET
PatFieldDefs GET
PatFields GET
PatientNotes GET
PatientRaces GET
Patients GET (single/multiple)
Patients GET Simple
PatPlans GET
Payments GET
PayPlans GET (multiple)
PaySplits GET
PerioExams GET
PerioMeasures GET
Popups GET
Preferences GET
ProcedureCodes GET
ProcedureLogs GET
ProcedureLogs GET InsuranceHistory
Providers GET
QuickPasteCats GET (single/multiple)
QuickPasteNotes GET (single/multiple)
Recalls GET
Recalls GET List
RefAttaches GET
Referrals GET
Reports GET Aging
Reports GET FinanceCharges
SecurityPerms GET
Schedules GET (single/multiple)
Sheets GET
Signalods GET
Subscriptions GET
Subscriptions POST
Subscriptions PUT
SubstitutionLinks GET
TaskLists GET
Tasks GET
TreatPlanAttaches GET
TreatPlans GET
Userods GET
All GET methods except queries. These are throttled at different rates for different users.
AllOthers Adjustments POST
Adjustments PUT
Allergies DELETE
Allergies POST
Allergies PUT
AutoNotes POST
AutoNotes PUT
Carriers POST
Carriers PUT
DiscountPlanSubs DELETE
DiscountPlanSubs POST
DiscountPlanSubs PUT
Diseases DELETE
Diseases POST
Diseases PUT
Documents POST DownloadMount
Documents POST DownloadSftp
Documents POST SetByUrl
Documents POST Thumbnails
Documents POST UploadSftp
Employers POST
Employers PUT
MedicationPats DELETE
MedicationPats POST
PatFields PUT
PatientNotes PUT
PerioMeasures POST
PerioMeasures PUT
ProcedureLogs POST GroupNote
ProcedureLCodes POST
ProcedureLogs DELETE GroupNote
ProcedureLogs PUT GroupNote
ProcNotes POST
Recalls PUT SwitchType
RefAttaches POST
Referrals POST
Referrals PUT
Sheets POST DownloadSftp
SubstitutionLinks DELETE
SubstitutionLinks POST
SubstitutionLinks PUT
Tasks POST
Tasks PUT
Any method not listed under a different permission.
Comm Appointments PUT Break
Appointments PUT Confirm
Appointments PUT Note
ApptFields PUT
Commlogs POST
Popups POST
Recalls PUT Status
Documents Documents POST Upload
(not any other Documents methods)
Because each upload consumes bandwidth.
Queries Queries POST
Queries PUT ShortQuery
Appointments Appointments POST
Appointments POST Planned
Appointments POST SchedulePlanned
Appointments POST WebSched
Appointments PUT
Insurance Benefits DELETE
Benefits POST
Benefits PUT
ClaimPayments POST
ClaimProcs PUT
ClaimProcs PUT InsAdjust
Claims PUT
Claims PUT Split
Claims PUT Status
InsPlans POST
InsPlans PUT
InsSubs POST
InsSubs PUT
PatPlans POST
InsVerifies PUT
These are complex and rarely used.
Patients Patients POST
Patients PUT
Payments Payments POST Added in version 21.3
PayPlans PayPlans POST
PayPlans POST Dynamic
Added in version 21.3
ProcedureLogs ProcedureLogs DELETE
ProcedureLogs POST
ProcedureLogs POST InsuranceHistory
ProcedureLogs PUT
Added in version 21.4
ApiSetup AllergyDefs POST
ApptFieldDefs POST
Clinics PUT
Definitions POST
DiseaseDefs POST
Medications POST
Providers POST
Providers PUT
Userods POST
Userods PUT
Added in version 23.1.

The normal Open Dental permissions are used for logging API actions, but they do not restrict the API from making changes. For example, date restrictions do not apply.