API Payments

See API Specification

Payments POST (create)

Version Added: 21.2

Creates a payment for a patient. Does not support income transfers or insurance payments. Includes appropriate splits according to the payment allocation preferences from Setup > Allocations within Open Dental.

PayAmt: Required.
PatNum: Required.
PayDate: Optional. Defaults to today's date. Follows the office's preference to allow future-dated payments.
CheckNum: Optional.
PayNote: Optional.
BankBranch: Optional.
ClinicNum: Optional. Defaults to patient.ClinicNum

Payments will be applied to the patient's payment plan, if one is eligible. The oldest plan will be chosen if there is more than one eligible plan. If needed, the user can later detach the payment from the plan within the Edit Payment Plan window by editing the split and unchecking "Attach to Payment Plan". They can also attach to a different plan in the same manner.

isPatientPreferred: When entering a payment through Open Dental directly, there is a checkbox for this option. This API field allows the same functionality. It causes the splits to go to the patient instead of being split among family members on a FIFO basis.

Example Requests:
POST /payments

"PayAmt": "129.99",
"PatNum": 15

"PatNum": 13,
"PayAmt": 20,
"PayDate": "2021-07-05",
"CheckNum": "2058",
"PayNote": "Check payment through website",
"BankBranch": "19-7076",
"ClinicNum": "3",
"isPatientPreferred" : "true"

Example Response:
201 Created
400 BadRequest (Missing or invalid fields)
404 NotFound (Patient not found)