API PatientRaces

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PatientRaces GET

Version Added: 22.3.12

Gets all of the Race and Ethnicity information for a Patient, similarly to how it shows in the Edit Patient Information: Public Health Tab. The dental office must have Public Health enabled to record this information.

In the example below, a single patient has two races specified as well as an ethnicity.

PatNum: Required.

Returned fields are detailed below:

PatientRaceNum: Primary key of the patientrace table.
PatNum: The PatNum of the patient.
CdcrecCode: CDC Race and Ethnicity unique identifier code.
descripition: Race or Ethnicity Description corresponding to the CdcrecCode.
isEthnicity: True for ethnicity or False for race information.
heirarchicalCode: Alphanumeric code that the CDC uses to organize CdcrecCodes.

Example Request
GET /patientraces?PatNum=73

Example Response:
"PatientRaceNum": 16,
"PatNum": 73,
"CdcrecCode": "2066-9",
"descripition": "ZAIREAN",
"isEthnicity": "false",
"heirarchicalCode": "R3.03.006"
"PatientRaceNum": 17,
"PatNum": 73,
"CdcrecCode": "2120-4",
"descripition": "EGYPTIAN",
"isEthnicity": "false",
"heirarchicalCode": "R5.02.002"
"PatientRaceNum": 18,
"PatNum": 73,
"CdcrecCode": "2186-5",
"descripition": "NOT HISPANIC OR LATINO",
"isEthnicity": "true",
"heirarchicalCode": "E2"

200 OK
400 Bad Request (Patient is deleted, etc)
401 NotFound (Patient not found)