API PatFieldDefs

See API Specification

Patient Field Defs allow you to organize fields that are found in various areas of Open Dental such as the Patient Information area of the Family Module, Account Module, and Chart Module.

PatFieldDefs GET

Version Added: 22.4.9

Gets a list of all Patient Field Defs.

Example Request
GET /patfielddefs

Example Response:
"PatFieldDefNum": 7,
"FieldName": "Outstanding",
"FieldType": "Currency",
"PickList": "",
"IsHidden": "false"
"PatFieldDefNum": 8,
"FieldName": "Ortho Status",
"FieldType": "PickList",
"PickList": "In Progress\r\nDone"
"IsHidden": "false"
"PatFieldDefNum": 11,
"FieldName": "Accommodations",
"FieldType": "Text",
"PickList": ""
"IsHidden": "false"

200 OK