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After Hours Support

We are generally available evenings, Sundays, and holidays for limited situations. If we can't answer the call immediately we will try to call back within two hours. This does not include hours when most people on the West Coast are asleep.

If you require support for an issue before 5:00 am Pacific time, it is best that you do not call the after hours support line. Please wait until after 5:00 am Pacific time, even if your issue is an emergency. Our regular support staff will assist you in the mornings, rather than an on-call employee.

Services we can provide after hours

  • Urgent usage questions. Limited to one question per phone call.
  • Technical issues that are preventing use of the program entirely.

Services we cannot provide after hours

  • Training or general help with using program features. These types of questions are best answered by reading the user manual or calling during regular hours.
  • Less urgent technical issues. As long as the program is working on at least one computer, then the technical issue is considered non-urgent.
  • Requests for new features.
  • Demos.
  • New customer purchases.
Open Dental Software 1-503-363-5432