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After Hours Support

After hours support is available for urgent support needs.

  • If your situation occurs during normal operating hours, please Contact Us at our main support line.
  • After hours support is only available until 9:00 PM Pacific Time. If you require support after 9:00 PM, please wait to call our main support line during normal operating hours the next morning.
  • We are available most holidays. After hours support is not available on Christmas or New Years day.
  • If we cannot answer your call immediately, we will try and call back within two hours.

Services we can provide after hours

  • Urgent usage questions. Limited to one question per phone call.
  • Technical issues that are preventing use of the program entirely.

Services we cannot provide after hours

  • Training or general help with using program features. These types of questions are best answered by reading the user manual or calling during regular hours.
  • Less urgent technical issues. As long as the program is working on at least one computer, then the technical issue is considered non-urgent.
  • Requests for new features.
  • Demos.
  • New customer purchases.
Open Dental Software 1-503-363-5432