Web Version

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Open Dental does not currently have a version that will run in a web browser.

Please do not make any plans based on our time estimates. Any estimate we make will be wrong nearly 100% of the time due to the nature of programming. Keeping that in mind.... As of 9/6/2016, we are working hard on patient portal and other web technologies, but not directly on a web version.

Technical Details

We've decided that it will not be a multi-tenant database. In other words, each customer will be in a separate database instead of mixed in the same database with other customers. We've also decided that we will use the same exact schema as our main Open Dental product. This means that not only will we be able to offer a hosted version, but users will also eventually be able to have the full version of Open Dental at the office, and the web version while away from the office. It will work on all browsers, operating systems, and devices. This will include Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad, Android, and smart phones.

We chose to use GWT, a stable Ajax framework which has been in existence for over a decade, and which has wide adoption in enterprises. Recent improvements made it ideal for our situation. The user interface is being written in Java and then compiled into JavaScript by GWT in order to run in the browser. The JavaScript generates all html and css in the browser as needed, so that our programmers write minimal html. The clients will connect to a custom asp.net server program in the background to retrieve data as needed.