Unearned / Unallocated Income

Unearned income is income from a patient that is not allocated to a procedure or needs to be refunded. When a Payment Split's unearned type is not none, the paysplit is considered unallocated/unearned.

There can be many unearned income types, but by default Open Dental has one (Prepayment) and it is set as the default for unallocated paysplits. If you would like to track other types of unearned income such as overpayments, credits, copays, etc. you can create more unearned income types, then assign them to paysplits to mark the income as unearned. All paysplits that have an unearned type are pooled together for the family and show as unearned income in the Account Module Aging area.

Setup options that affect unearned pay splits:

Note: When a patient has unearned income and a claim is created on the account, user will be prompted to allocate the unearned income to completed procedures.

To track unearned income use the Unearned Income Reports.

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