Fields that Trigger New Plan

New plans can be created from an existing insurance plan.

In an Insurance Plan, select Create new Plan if needed.

To create a new plan, ensure the radio button above is selected, and at least one of the following field values must change. This is useful when a plan changes for a single subscriber, but not all other subscribers on the plan. Only plans with more than one subscriber are changed.

When Create new Plan if needed is selected, a new plan is assigned to the currently selected subscriber (and any dependents). Historical claims are updated to reflect the new plan information. If the subscriber has a new insurance plan and historical claims should not be changed, the current plan should be dropped and a new plan added instead.

The following fields are listed in order as shown on the insurance plan. (Top to bottom, each tab, then subscriber information.)

Field = Db Column Name

Medical Insurance = IsMedical

Employer = EmployerNum

Carrier Information = CarrierNum

Group Name = GroupName

Group Number = GroupNum

Plan Type = PlanType

Manual Blue Book fee schedule

Use Alternate Code = UseAltCode

Don't Substitute Codes = CodeSubstNone

Claims show for UCR fee, not billed fee = ClaimsUseUCR

Hidden = IsHidden

Fee Schedule = FeeSched

Claim Form = ClaimFormNum

Patient Co-Pay Amounts = CopayFeeSched

Carrier Allowed Amounts = AllowedFeeSched

COB Rule = CobRule

Filing Code = FilingCode

File Code Subtypes = FilingCodeSubtype

Claim show base units = ShowBaseUnits

Ortho Claim Type = OrthoType

Ortho Auto Proc = OrthoAutoProc

Ortho Auto Fee = OrthoAutoFeeBilled

Auto Proc Period = OrthoAutoProcFreq

Wait 30 days before creating first automatic claim = OrthoAutoClaimDayWait

Plan Note = PlanNote

Trojan ID = TrojanID

Benefit Year (Benefit Info window) = MonthRenew

Don't Verify checkbox = HideFromVerifyList

Canadian Customers only:

Div. No. = DivisionNo

Dentaide Card Sequence = DentaideCardSequence

Plan Flag = CanadianPlanFlag