Stop Open Dental Services

See Service Manager.

If you use eServices, HL7, or eClinicalWorks, Open Dental Services must be stopped before you update the Open Dental version on the server.

In version 15.2 or greater, all OpenDent services are automatically stopped prior to an update, then restarted when complete. Prior to version 15.2, you must manually stop and start services.

The steps for stopping the service are as follows.

  1. As part of the ordinary update, close Open Dental on all workstations.
  2. Stop the service. Open the Computer Management Tool by right clicking on My Computer, Manage. Under Services and Applications, locate the service, then right click and select Stop.
  3. Update one computer to the new Open Dental version and get Open Dental running well on that computer. If you are also using the Middle Tier, perform the first update on that computer. This may not be the same computer as the HL7 or database server.
  4. Update the other computers.
  5. Restart the service. Follow Step 2 but select Start.
Note: If you do not stop the service, follow the steps to stop it, then repair the Open Dental installation.