Sheet Troubleshooting

The following information may be useful when using Sheets.

I accidentally deleted a custom sheet. How can I recover it?

To recover it you will use a backup copy of the database that does contain the sheet:

  1. Restore a Backup copy of the database.
  2. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Sheets.
  3. Highlight the custom sheet, then click Export. Save the file. It will be saved as a .xml file.
  4. Close the backup database, then open the current database.
  5. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Sheets.
  6. Click Import, then select the xml file saved from the backup.

I can't freehand draw on my sheet.

To enable freehand drawing on the sheet, the sheet must have a large enough image covering the entire drawing area. If you do not insert any images, then Open Dental automatically adds an invisible white dummy image that is used for drawing. If you insert an image, it must be large enough to cover the entire background, or you must insert a second image that does. If you do not, you may inadvertently disable drawing on the rest of the sheet.

Blank pages are printing.

Blank pages indicate that there is a field, image or element on the page. Make sure that no fields, elements or images extend outside of the page. Check for blank images, white images, too large fields, blank text boxes, etc. Then, move the item or change its properties.

On Web Forms, mysterious fields are showing, but I don't see anything in the Sheet preview.

If fields are showing, they are on the sheet but perhaps outside of page left or right margins. On the Edit Sheet Def window, locate the item in the Fields list on the right, then double-click to change its properties.

On Web Forms, the fonts are not showing correctly.

Font support is dependent on the browser used to view the Web Form. If a browser doesn't support a font, a different font will be substituted. This can affect layout of the sheet. We recommend using common fonts (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial, Courier) and testing sheets on a browser and device you plan to support. Static text fields in particular may need to be larger to fit text.

An image on my sheet isn't showing.

This means the computer you are printing the sheet from can't find the image in the OpenDentImages folder. Static Images should be in the SheetImages folder; patient images should be in the folder selected for Pat Image in Definitions, Image Categories.

On custom treatment plan, the column headers in the TreatPlanMain grid are blank.

Column header are determined in Display Fields, TreatmentPlanModule, by the entries for New Descript. By default these values are blank. To create headers, simply enter the text you want to show. This text also changes the column headers in the Treatment Plan module.

Patient is getting a Must enter valid value for required field error when entering birthdate. Practice uses multiple Web Forms.

Verify that the birthdate is entered on each form before submitting.