Sheet ComboBox

In Edit Sheet Def, click ComboBox or double-click an existing combo box to edit.

Combo boxes are Sheet Field Types that allow users to select a single option from a pick list.

Users will click the combo box to view options, then click an option to select it.

The list on the right indicates the current options in the combo box.

X/Y Pos: Determines the position of the upper left corner of the combo box in relation to the x and y axis. X = horizontal. Y = vertical.

Width/Height: The size of the combo box

Tab Order: The order of the combo box when users press Tab on the generated form

Reportable Name: A unique name tied to the combo box. Used to report this data in custom queries.

Mobile Caption: Caption to identify field in a Mobile Sheet.

Add a Combo Box

Below are basic steps for adding a combo box to a sheet.

  1. Click ComboBox.
  2. Add options. There are two ways:

    Type the option in the Option box, then click Add.

    Select a combo box type in the lower left to fill the list with preset options.

    • Patient Race, Patient Grade, and Urgency will fill the list with preset options. These options can be reordered, removed, or added to.
    • General will clear the list.
  3. Change the width and height of the combo box so that it fits all text.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Move the combo box to the correct location on the sheet.

To remove a single option, highlight it then click Remove.

To reorder an option, highlight it, then click the up/down arrows.