Schick Sensors

See Sensor Compatibility

Schick sensors are supported. Here are instructions for how to install the drivers and perform setup.

Determine the type of drivers needed based on your specific sensor model.

Download both drivers for your specific sensor.

Install the drivers. Confirm that the sensors are being recognized by the USB ports without involving Open Dental by checking the AE USB interface utility that came with the Schick driver.

Add the sensor in Imaging Devices. Make sure to check the box for "Show Twain UI". If you attempted to take radiographs without this box checked, then you may need to check the box and restart Open Dental.

In the Imaging Module, in the top Toolbar, create a new Mount. Click Acquire.

If the "Use AutoTake to acquire" and "Automatically Accept Image" boxes are checked, then when you push the button the x-ray machine, the CDR window will capture the image and then close.