Send Mass Email

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Send Mass Email.

Mass Emails is an eService that allows users to send an email to a selected list of patients at once. Activate Mass Email in eServices Setup.

Recommended workflow:

  1. Create an email template ahead of time. This gives you time to customize, edit, and review the template before sending it out.
  2. Select the list of patients to send to. Use the filters to help customize the list.
  3. Once you have the patient list, select the template you created.
  4. Preview the email, then send the mass email.
  5. Use analytics to track sent emails. See how many were opened, how many failed, and more.

The following items show regardless of the selected tab:

Patients Tab

Use the Patients tab to filter patients and create a list of patients to send to.


Once patients are filtered, select patients to move to the Selected Patients list.

Templates Tab

Email messages are first created as a template, then sent to the selected patients.

Open Dental has included some templates as a default. All templates can be edited and are HTML capable.

Analytics Tab

Use the Analytics tab to track sent emails.

Sending Mass Emails

When the patients and template are selected, click Send Emails. The following window will appear.

By default, fields will not display with replacements (e.g. practice name, patient name, etc). Select a patient to view an example of the email.

To send the mass email:

  1. In the Patients tab, select the patients to send to.
  2. In the Templates tab, select the email template.
  3. Click Send Emails. The following prompt will appear. Click Yes to continue, or No to cancel.
  4. Name the email group. This helps with tracking analytics later on.
  5. A message will appear confirming the emails have been sent. Click OK to finish.