Quick Paste Notes

Quick Paste Notes are templates for frequently used Notes. Once templates are created, notes can be quickly inserted in designated Right Click Text Box throughout the program. To set up notes, see Quick Paste Notes Setup.

  1. In a text box that supports quick paste notes, position the cursor where you want to insert the quick note. Or, to insert the note before existing text, highlight the existing text.
  2. To insert you have two options:
    • Enter ? followed by the shortcut abbreviation for the quick note (e.g. ?di). This will immediately replace the abbreviation with the full note text (Diabetes). For this to work, the quick note's category must be the default for the text box.
    • Right click in the box, then click Insert Quick Note. All quick paste notes currently set up will show, grouped by category. Select the category, select the note, then click OK to insert.

Hint: To insert today's date as the note, click Date.