User Query

The Query window opens when a user with the User Query Admin permission clicks Reports, User Query, or once a query has been run.

Text Box: Displays the query text. If you have User Query Admin permission, you can enter text directly in this box. If you do not, it is disabled.

Favorites: Open Query Favorites.

Add to Favorites: Add the query text currently in the text box to Query Favorites.

Copy: Copy the query text in the text box to the clipboard.

Paste: Paste any text currently on the clipboard into the text box.

Submit Query: Run the query text currently in the text box. When long queries are run, the Submit button will change to Stop Execution. Click to cancel a large query that may take a long time to run.

Format: Select how to view the results.

Title: The title of the query in the text box, if one exists.

By default the results will display in human-readable format. If a column header is prefaced with a $, the cells are always formatted as a dollar amount.

To more easily view the query results, there are a few display options.

Once the table displays the way you want it, there are several options: