EHR Viewing, Downloading, Transmitting Health Information

See EHR Dashboard.

In EHR Modified Stage 2, the second measure of the objective Patient Electronic Access states that at least one patient must (or authorized representatives) use the Patient Portal Feature to view, download or transmit to a third party their health information. In 2015, this is a requirement only for providers who would have attested to Stage 2 in 2015.

To view, download, or transmit health information, a patient will do the following:

  1. In an internet browser, log in to the patient portal using the username and password supplied by the office. See Patient Portal: What Patient Sees.
  2. In the portal, click Care Summary. This action counts as 'view' and changes the numerator.

History: View a detailed history of any actions that have been taken, including any taken by an authorized representative on behalf of the patient.

Download: Download a CCD as a zip file.

Transmit: Send the Summary of Care to another provider you have been referred. This button will only show in the following circumstances:

  1. A referral has been entered in Open Dental.
  2. The referral uses Direct Messaging. This will be rare. 'Email Trust for Direct' must be checked on the Add Referral window for the referral provider.

When Transmit is clicked, if the referral's public key certificate already exists in the local certificate store, the message will be sent. If it does not yet exist, a query attempts to discover the referral's public certificate key, and if found, downloads it to the local certificate store. If successfully downloaded, the host computer will proceed with transmitting the summary of care. If the certificate download fails, the patient will be prompted to contact their provider.