Payment Split

To open, on the Payment window double-click an existing paysplit or click Add Split.

The Edit Payment Split window allows you to manually enter payment split (paysplit) details:

Entry Date: The date the paysplit is entered.

Payment Date: The payment date as entered on the Payment window.

Amount: The paysplit amount.

Unearned Type: Used to designate income as Unearned / Unallocated Income (e.g. prepayments). The default type is set in Account Module Preferences, Default unearned type for unallocated paysplits. Customize types in Definitions: PaySplit Unearned Types.

Clinic: The clinic to assign this income to. Defaults to the clinic assigned to the payment. Set the default clinic in Account Module Preferences, Patient payments use.

Provider: The provider to assign this income to. Click the dropdown to select by abbreviation or [...] to select by name. If none the paysplit will be marked as a prepayment. When providers are restricted to clinics, only providers available for the selected clinic are options.

Patient: The patient this paysplit applies to. All family members are listed. To select a patient that is not in the family, check the Is from another family box, then select the patient.

Edit Anyway: This button only shows when opening an existing paysplit that is attached to a procedure. Click to enable the Clinic, Provider, and Patient fields so they can be edited. The Setup security permission is required.

Procedure: Attach or detach a procedure. Click Attach to view a list of completed procedures.

Credit Filter options:

Highlight the procedure to attach to the payment, then click OK. The procedure's payment information (e.g. write-off, insurance paid, estimate, adjustments) will show for information purposes so you can enter the correct paysplit amount to bring the procedure balance to zero.

Click Detach to clear a procedure.

Payment Splits: Attach or detach existing unearned paysplits to manually allocate unearned income (Allocate Unearned Income). A list of unallocated paysplits will show. Double click to select. Check Show All to include paysplits that have already been allocated to procedures.

Attached to Payment Plan: Check this box to attach this paysplit to a payment plan. If more than one plan is set up for this guarantor, you may be prompted to select the payment plan.

OK: Save changes made to this window.

Cancel: Close the window without saving any changes.