Pay Split Manager

In the Payment window, with the amount entered as $0.00 and Payment Type None (Income Transfer) checked, click Proc Breakdown.

Use the Pay Split Manager to complete Income Transfer when the Account Module Preferences, Enforce Valid Paysplits is set to Enforce Fully.

Payment Amount: The total amount entered on the Payment window (must be zero to complete an income transfer).

Outstanding Charges: A list of all procedures, adjustments, and payment plan charges for the family with a positive or negative ending balance. To exclude procedures with a zero balance, uncheck Show Other Charges.

Current Payment Splits: List of positive and negative paysplits transferred from/to providers, clinics, patients, procedures, adjustments, pay plan charges, etc. Double-click a paysplit to edit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The patient's pay plan charge is $100, but the Amt End is $75. Why?

The procedure only has a balance remaining of $75 because a previous credit was applied towards the procedure's balance (e.g. payment, prepayment, pre-existing credit). The pay split manager uses FIFO logic (first in, first out, by date) when applying a family's credits and disregards which procedures payments are attached too.