PaySimple Setup for Clinics

Set up PaySimple to process credit/debit card transactions or ACH payments, direct debit payments to a patient's checking or savings account, with Clinics in order to use different PaySimple login credentials for each clinic in a single database.

See Credit Cards, PaySimple.

  1. Open the PaySimple Setup window. There are two options:
  2. Check Enabled (affects all clinics) to enable PaySimple for all clinics. Unchecking disables PaySimple for all clinics. If the currently logged on user is restricted by clinic, only the clinic they have access to will show in the Clinic dropdown and they will not be allowed to uncheck the Enabled box.
  3. Clinic Payment Settings: Set the payment settings for the Headquarters first.
    • Select Headquarters as the clinic.
    • Select the default payment type for PaySimple transactions. Customize options in Definitions: Payment Types
    • Enter the Username and Key supplied by PaySimple.
    • Prevent saving new cards: Uncheck to allow users to process new transactions or save new payment information to a patient's account. Check to prevent users from processing new transactions or saving new payment information.
  4. Enter payment settings for each clinic. Headquarter settings will be used if clinic-specific changes are not made. For clinics that will not use PaySimple, select the clinic, then clear out the username and key. When the clinic is attached to a payment, the PaySimple button will not be visible.
  5. Click OK to save settings.

To set whether or not new credit/debit cards and bank information is saved to a patient's account after each transaction, see Account Module Preferences, Automatically store credit card tokens.