There have been several enhancements to payments in 17.3. We recommend updating to the latest stable version.

Payments collected in the Account Module from patients are always divided into one or more Payment Splits (paysplits). Paysplits allow you to allocate income to providers and procedures, or mark a payment as unallocated (e.g. for prepayments, other unearned types).

By default, Open Dental will automatically suggest paysplits allocated first to the adjustments, then to procedures. This means they are allocated to the oldest adjustment (and its treating provider), then the treating provider of the oldest completed procedure with a balance remaining (patient portion due). We recommend this method of allocation so that reports and patient accounts are as robust and accurate as possible.

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Paysplit Allocation Options

Patient income can be divided into one or more paysplits with varying levels of allocation. Below is a description of allocation options.

Allocate Paysplits by Procedure (recommended): This will also allocate the split to the procedure's treating provider.

You can allocate more than one paysplit to the same procedure, as long as there is a patient portion remaining. Paysplits allocated to a procedure can even come from different payments.

Allocate to Providers Only (old behavior): If you've been using Open Dental for a while, this may be the way you are used to making paysplits. Now that we have made allocating to procedures easier, this method is only useful for small, single provider practices that do not track production or income.

Unearned / Unallocated Income: Unallocated income is any paysplit that has an unearned type other than none (e.g. prepayments, overpayments). Usually the income will allocated at a later time (e.g. when treatment is complete or as a refund). Each family's total unearned income amount shows in the Account module, Aging area.

See Unearned / Unallocated Income for more details.

Clinic Allocation: When using Clinics, payments will be allocated to the clinic set for Patient Payments Use in Account Module Preferences.

Technical Details

When you have accounts where you have not directly (explicitly) allocated outstanding charges to payments in the past, Open Dental still implicitly associates outstanding charges and payments based on patient, provider, and clinic.