PayConnect Setup for Clinics (many sets of credentials)

When using PayConnect, locations using clinics can use different login credentials for each clinic in a single database.

Note: The PayConnect accounts that can be used in Open Dental will depend on the Open Dental security settings for the logged-on user. See User Security Profiles.

  1. Open the PayConnect Setup window. There are three options:
    • (first credit card transaction) On the Payment Window, click PayConnect.
    • In the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links, PayConnect.
    • On the Payment window, right click on PayConnect, Settings.
  2. Check the Enabled box to enable PayConnect for all clinics. This affects all clinics.
  3. First enter payment settings for Headquarters.
    • Select Headquarters as the clinic.
    • Select the default payment type for PayConnect transactions. Customize options in Definitions: Payment Types.
    • Enter the username and password supplied by PayConnect.
  4. Enter clinic level settings. Headquarter settings will be used if you do not make any clinic-specific changes.
    • Select the clinic.
    • Select the default payment type for transactions.
    • Enter the clinic's username and password supplied by PayConnect.
    • To use a credit card terminal for EMV transactions, check Enable terminal processing. The Download Driver button will display. Click to download and install the terminal driver ( An internet connection is required.Once the driver is installed, contact PayConnect for additional setup instructions.
    • If using CC Recurring Charges, by default, duplicate charges to the same card, on the same day, for the same amount will be denied. This is to prevent accidentally charging a card twice. Check Recurring charge list force duplicates by default to allow duplicate charges on the same card by default. Used if family members have recurring charges setup on the same credit card.
  5. Click OK to save settings.

  • To set the default setting for storage of credit card tokens, see Account Module Preferences, Automatically store credit card tokens.
  • For details on how clinic assignment restricts user access in Open Dental, see User Security Profiles.
  • If the currently logged on user is restricted by clinic, only the clinic they have access to will show in the Clinic dropdown and they will not be allowed to uncheck the Enabled box.
  • For clinics that will not use PayConnect, select the clinic, then clear out the Username and/or Password. Then, when the clinic is attached to a payment, the PayConnect button will not be visible.
  • If the Headquarters username and password is the same as one or more other clinics, and the username and/or password is modified for Headquarters, the edits will affect the other clinics as well. To unlink them (assign different usernames/passwords), simply change the username or password for the clinic(s). Then any changes made to Headquarters credentials will no longer affect the clinic.
  • Unchecking Enabled (affects all clinics) disables PayConnect for all clinics.