Family Module Preferences

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Family / Insurance, Family Preferences.

Alternatively, click Setup, Module Preferences, Family tab.

Here you can set default options and settings for the Family Module.

InsPlan option at bottom, 'Change Plan for all subscribers', is default: Normally checked. Determines the default setting for the Change Plan for all subscribers radio button on the Insurance Plan.

Default new insurance plans to PPO Percentage plan type: Sets the default Plan Type when you create a new insurance plan.

Use Blue Book: Turn on/off the Blue Book feature.

Co-pay fee schedules treat blank entries as zero: Set how blank entries in co-pay fee schedules are handled.

Fixed benefit fee schedules treat blank entries as zero: Set how blank entries in fixed benefit fee schedules are handled.

Insurance plans default to show UCR fee on claims: Set the default setting for the Claims show UCR fee, not billed fee box for category percentage plan types.

Insurance plans default to assignment of benefits: Set the default setting for the Assignments of Benefits check box when adding a new insurance plan.

Coordination of Benefits (COB) Rule: Set the default Coordination of Benefits ( COB ) selected when adding a new insurance plan.

Text Msg OK status, treat ?? as No instead of Yes: Set the default the behavior of ?? for Text OK on the Edit Patient Information window. By default this box is checked.

Allow Guarantor access to family health information in the Patient Portal: Determines whether guarantors will have access to other family member's health information in the Patient Portal Feature. This is a global setting.

Calculate secondary insurance PPO write-offs (not recommended, see manual): We do not recommend turning this preference on.

Show Google Maps in Patient Edit window: Determines whether the Show Maps button is visible on the Edit Patient Information window.

Primary Provider defaults to 'Select Provider' in Patient Edit and Add Family windows: Determines the default setting for the Primary Provider when a new patient is added (Edit Patient Information and Add Family window).

Use the description for the charted procedure code on printed claims: Determines the procedure description used on printed claims when the charted procedure code description is different than the base procedure code description (e.g. when the description for D2999b [charted] is different than the description for D2999 [base]).

This preference will not affect alternate or medical codes.

Require error code when adding custom claim tracking status: Determines whether or not an error code must be selected when a custom Edit Claim - Status History Tab is selected.

New patient primary insurance plan sets patient billing type: Affects the billing type assigned to new patients. Customize options in Definitions: Billing Types.

Show preferred referrals only in the Select Referral window by default: When adding a referral for a patient, show only referrals marked as preferred.

Autofill patient's email address with the guarantor's when adding many new patients: When adding a family using Add Many, autofill the guarantor's email address into other family members.

Allow new patients to be added with an unassigned clinic: Only visible when Clinics is turned on.

Ins plan with exclusions use UCR fee (can be overridden by plan): For use with PPO plans where certain excluded procedures are allowed to be billed using UCR fee rather than a negotiated rate. Exclusions are defined using an Other Benefits exclusion rule, or for any benefit set to a 0% coverage level.

Ins plans with exclusions mark as Do Not Bill Ins: Only for use if Exclusion Fee Rule is set to Use UCR Fee below, or in Insurance Plan, Other Ins Info tab.

Super Family

Only an option if Super Family is turned on.

Super family sorting strategy: Determines the order of super family names as they appear in the Family module. Refresh the Family module to view changes. The super head will always show at the top of the list regardless of sorting strategy.

Allow syncing patient information to all super family members: Determines whether the Same for entire super family check box shows on the Edit Patient Information window for the head of the super family. This box allows you to make the address and phone information for all super family members match the address and phone information of the super head.

Copy super guarantor's primary insurance to all new super family members: Determines whether or not the user is prompted to copy the super head's primary insurance plan when adding a new family to a super family. Useful for patients in nursing home situations.

New patient clones use super family instead of regular family: Determines the family behavior for new Clone.