Account Module Preferences - Misc Tab

In Account Module Preferences, click the Misc Account tab.

Balances don't subtract insurance estimate: Be careful. This will cause estimated balances due to exclude estimated insurance payments. This is generally only used if your patients are responsible for all treatment as it is done, and you don't accept assignment of insurance benefits. All insurance payments then go directly to the patients without involving the dental office.

Aging calculated monthly instead of daily:

Show Payment Numbers in Account Module: This is needed for countries outside the U.S. and in Canada.

Use UCR fee for billed fee even if PPO fee is higher: Set which fee is used as the billed fee when a PPO fee is higher than the UCR fees (PPO Insurance Plan only). Typically, if the PPO fee is higher than a provider's UCR fee, the PPO fee is used as the billed fee.

Invoices' payments grid shows writeoffs: Determines whether or not insurance write-offs are included in the Payments grid on invoices.

Age negative adjustments by adjustment date: Determines how negative adjustments are aged in the family balance and on aging reports.

Prompt user to allocate unearned income after creating a claim: Determines whether or not the user will be prompted to allocate unearned income to completed procedures when creating a claim.

Allow Future Dated Transactions:

Payment Plans exclude past activity by default: Determines the default state for the Exclude Past Activity check box on the Payment Plan.

Pay Plans use Sheets: Determines whether printed payment plans will use the classic layout or a custom layout designed in sheets.

Pay Plan Charge Logic: Determines how charges and credits for Patient Payment Plans show in the patient account ledger and whether they affect balances, aging, and reports. This logic does not apply to insurance payment plans and will continue to use the old logic

Hide "Due Now" in Payment Plans Grid: Only shows when Pay Plan Charge Logic is set to Age Credits And Debits. Select whether to label the last column in the Payment Plan grid to Closed or Due Now.

Commlogs Auto Save: Determines whether or not Commlog entries save every ten seconds automatically after a change is made.

Show Family Comm Entries by Default:

Recurring charges use primary provider: Determines to which provider Recurring Charge payments will be applied.

Recurring Charges use transaction date: Select how the payment date is determined when running recurring charges.

Recurring charges run automatically: Option to automate the recurring charge tool to run at a specific time during the day.

Recurring charges run time: Set the time of day to automatically run the recurring charge tool. Use a 12-hour or 24-hour time format (include AM or PM).

Note: X-Web must be enabled for X-Charge users to use Recurring Charges.

Payment type for credit card recurring charges: Select a payment type to assign to credit card payments processed through the CC Recurring Charges tool. Selecting (default) will use the payment type assigned in the XCharge Setup, PayConnect Setup, and PaySimple Setup, payment settings. ACH recurring charges will use the type assigned in the Payment Type ACH dropdown of the PaySimple Setup window.

Repeating charges runs aging after posting charges: Determines whether or not Aging is run after repeating charges are posted through the automated repeating charge service or repeating charges tool.

Repeating charges run automatically: Option to automate repeating charges to run at a specific time each day.

Repeating charges run time: Set the time of day to automatically post repeating charges. Use a 12-hour or 24-hour time format and include AM or PM. The OpenDentalService must be installed and running during the scheduled run time.