Account Module Preferences - Insurance Tab

In Account Module Preferences, click the Insurance tab

Show provider income transfer window after entering insurance payment:

Set medical claims to institutional when using medical insurance:

Claim Form treating provider shows Signature On File rather than name:

PPO write-off description (blank for "Write-off"): Determines the wording for insurance write-offs used in the Description column of Account module and on statements. The default will be Write-off if left blank.

Claim Attachment Export Path: Enter the path to the folder where images attached to a claim will be exported. See Claim.

On medical e-claims, send treating provider as ordering provider by default: Set the default ordering provider sent in medical e-claims. Also see E-Claims Complexities.

On e-claims, send treating provider info for each separate procedure: Only applies to e-claims. Paper claims have no place to include information for more than one treating provider. This option should be checked unless you have a very good reason for needing to not send information about treating providers.

Require ACN# in remarks on claims with ADDP group name: This was added for one specific customer, and can be ignored by everyone else.

Allow procedure adjustments from claim window:

Payment exceeds procedure balance: Determines whether or not users are allowed, warned, or blocked from allocating an insurance payment that is greater than the procedure's remaining balance (procedure fee - payments - write-offs + adjustments).

Allow Future Payments: Determines whether or not users are allowed to enter insurance payments with a future Payment Date.

  • If either this preference or the preference for Allow future dated transactions (Misc tab) are enabled, future dated insurance payments are allowed.
  • If either this preference or the preference for Allow future dated transactions (Misc tab) are disabled, future dated insurance payments are not allowed.

Claim Identification Prefix: Change the default format of the claim ID. This number is assigned to a claim using the prefix selected, then adding an auto-generated claim number. Useful for internal tracking of claims. Click Replacements to select a prefix.

Creating claims with $0 procedures: Determines whether users are allowed, warned, or blocked from creating claims with $0 procedures.

Note: Clicking New Claim with no procedures selected will skip unsent $0 procedures, regardless of this preference value.

Exclude 'None' as an option on Custom Tracking Status: Determines whether None is an available status option in the Edit Claim - Status History Tab.

Disallow write-offs greater than the adjusted procedure fee: Determines whether or not write-offs can be greater than the procedure fee (fee - adjustments).

Prompt for secondary claims: Determines how secondary insurance claims are handled.

Recalculate estimates for received claim procedures: Determines if estimates can be changed for a procedure that has been received.

Canadian PPO insurance plans create lab estimates: Determines if lab fee estimates should be created for PPO insurance plans.

Note: This feature is only available for Canadian databases. See Canada Lab Fees for more details.