Account Module Preferences - Insurance Tab

In Account Module Preferences, click the Insurance tab

Show provider income transfer window after entering insurance payment:

Set medical claims to institutional when using medical insurance:

Claim Form treating provider shows Signature On File rather than name:

PPO write-off description (blank for "Write-off"): Determines the wording for insurance write-offs used in the Description column of Account module and on statements. The default will be Write-off if left blank.

Claim Attachment Export Path: Enter the path to the folder where images attached to a claim will be exported. See Claim.

On medical e-claims, send treating provider as ordering provider by default: Set the default ordering provider sent in medical e-claims. Also see E-Claims Complexities.

On e-claims, send treating provider info for each separate procedure: Only applies to e-claims. Paper claims have no place to include information for more than one treating provider. This option should be checked unless you have a very good reason for needing to not send information about treating providers.

Require ACN# in remarks on claims with ADDP group name: Claims created with group name ADDP will prompt for an ACN number. This was added for one specific customer, and can be ignored by most practices.

Allow procedure adjustments from claim window:

Payment exceeds procedure balance: Determines whether or not users are allowed, warned, or blocked from allocating an insurance payment that is greater than the procedure's remaining balance (procedure fee - payments - writeoffs + adjustments).

Allow Future Payments: Determines whether or not users are allowed to enter insurance payments with a future Payment Date.

  • If either this preference or the preference for Allow future dated transactions (Misc tab) are enabled, future dated insurance payments are allowed.
  • If either this preference or the preference for Allow future dated transactions (Misc tab) are disabled, future dated insurance payments are not allowed.

Claim Identification Prefix: Change the default format of the claim ID. This number is assigned to a claim using the prefix selected, then adding an auto-generated claim number. Useful for internal tracking of claims. Click Replacements to select a prefix.

Creating claims with $0 procedures: Determines whether users are allowed, warned, or blocked from creating claims with $0 procedures.

Note: Clicking New Claim with no procedures selected will skip unsent $0 procedures, regardless of this preference value.

Exclude 'None' as an option on Custom Tracking Status: Determines whether None is an available status option in the Edit Claim - Status History Tab.

Disallow write-offs greater than the adjusted procedure fee: Determines whether or not write-offs can be greater than the procedure fee (fee - adjustments).

Prompt for secondary claims: Determines how secondary insurance claims are handled.

Recalculate estimates for received claim procedures: Determines if estimates can be changed for a procedure that has been received.

Canadian PPO insurance plans create lab estimates: Determines if lab fee estimates should be created for PPO insurance plans.

Note: This feature is only available for Canadian databases. See Canada Lab Fees for more details.